The following are the houses in which students are placed as they take admission into St. Peter's.

  1. Ashlin:
     Ashlin House in named after a generous donor by the name Miss Mary Ashlin. The house colour is green. Its house motto is 'Labour et virtue' which means 'Work is Worship'. The present House Master of Ashlin House is Mr. N. Salvi.
  2. Cornwill:
    Cornwill House is named after the first Principal, Rev. Cornwall Williams. The house colour is red. Its motto is 'Nil Desperandum' which means 'Never Despair'. The present house master of Cornwill house is Mr. S. Mane.
  3. Drury:
    Drury House is named after one of the first Principals,
    Rev. J. Drury. The house colour is blue. Its motto is 'Facta Non Verba' which means 'Action, not Words'. The most recent house mistress of the house was Miss Asha Martin. The first lady to hold such a post in St. Peter's School. The name of the new House Master will be displayed shortly.
  4. Rowan:
    Rowan House is named after one of the first Principals,
    Rev. T. Rowan. The house colour is white. Its motto is 'Uno Animo' which means 'United we stand, divided we Fall'. The present house master of Rowan House is Mr. C. Gaynor.