Praise God


Praise God, Praise God,

Let his love remind us of the power of his name

Praise God, Praise God,

All creation sings its song of praise


I will praise you God & King

Each and every day

My mouth shall never cease to sing

And I shall bless your name forever


Lord you’re highly to be praised

Your greatness over whelms

Age on age will praise your work

And I will bliss your name forever.


The splendour of you majesty

Is joyfully retold

The fame of your abundant good

And justice we will sing forever


The Lord is kind and merciful

His anger slow to rise

The Lord is good to all his work

His graciousness remains forever


Let the faithful bless you Lord

And all your work give thanks

Let them sing the glory of

Your kingdom and your might forever


We shall share with all the world

Your splendour and your might

Your kingdom is the kingdom for

All ages and will last forever


The Lord is faithful in his words

And holy in his works

He raises up the holy and

He lifts the falling up forever.