School Song

Bells are ringing bells are ringing

Time upon its way is swinging

We must hasten to our work

See that tasks we do not shirk

Strict the lives that we must lead

Instant answer give at need

Penetrate the land of learning,

Though our hearts for fields are yearning

Past the watchword to the faithful.

Living stones of God’s own temple,

“Ut Prosim!” that we may fashion

All our lives to serve the nation


With the Mountain breezes blending

Echoes of our way are sending

Happy notes: the dun kites wheeling

Wonder at the blows we’re dealing!

With cries of joy the welkin rings

As at our foes the school team flings

Defiance and a steady roar

Chants ‘S. P. S. forever more’.

Pass the watch word to the heeling

As to victory we are speeding

“Ut Prosim!” quit you like men

And scotch all evil in its den.


Comrades on the fields are we

Comrades in the class to be,

And in all our daily round

Comradeship must still be found

Each to each can lend a hand,

Each for truth and honour stand,

Learn to take life’s ups and downs,

Learn to disregard the wounds,

Pass the watchword to the brave

Let us not for money crave

“Ut Prosim!” my golden deed

To help another in his needs.


Down the avenue of years

Oft comes a thought to sad for tears

Of the happy care – free days,

Of the joyous needless ways,

Of a youth we valued not

Of a youth that’s never forgot.

Wrecks of time bestrew our path,

Much we’ve lost that was most worth,

Pass the watch word to the lead,

Pass it to the hearts that feel;

“Ut Prosim!” our school commands

Let us do what she demands.